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Welcome to Lidl Analytics

Analytics bei Lidl

At Lidl Analytics we pursue a global mission: Generating business value through data-driven decision support.

Therefore, we combine the expertise of our stakeholders with Analytics competencies, developing algorithms and statistical models for recognizing complex patterns in Big Data. To leverage the full potential of Analytics throughout the company, we act as a global Analytics network across all Lidl countries.

Together we accelerate Lidl's journey towards a data-driven company

To be as close to the business as possible, we build teams in all our country divisions and some of our business units to enhance business processes through analytical and data solutions worldwide. You will shape the analytics agenda of one of our country divisions, a business unit or realize cross-functional projects at our international headquarters. Our project portfolio ranges from ad hoc analyses to piloting end-to-end data products.

Analytics at Lidl goes beyond your national team

Joining Lidl Analytics, you will be part of a fast-growing global community that heads to a network of 100+ members. Working in cross-national project teams, the problem solutions you develop will be valuable for the entire organization. As we promote talents across all experience levels, your entry could be the start of an international career.  

Driving innovation day-by day

Our mission in mind, your work will be focused on three key areas:

  • #Projects: Ideate, build and pilot analytics and data prototypes to solve complex business problems
  • #Consulting: Partner with our internal clients to help them identify challenges they can address together with us
  • #Enabling: Be part of a company-wide transformation and train our business stakeholders from all departments and functions to carry out advanced data analyses on their own


Take a glance at the video below to find out more about our teams and projects

Trainee Mitarbeiter

Rapid and iterative prototyping is key to our project work

We develop initial "proof-of-concept" solutions along the entire value chain. Tested and approved data models will be later industrialized in close collaboration with our internal IT provider. Being adapted to our stakeholders’ needs, our prototypes are designed to convince. For example, we have introduced a machine learning model that detects out of stock situations in stores by searching for anomalies in sales data. Given the insights of this data solution, we can improve product availability for our customers and make a decisive effort against food waste - One of many success stories!

Tools Analytics

Hands-on solutions and cutting-edge technologies combined

As project teams, we always want to have the right tools at hand. Combining Lidl’s hands-on mentality with an innovative spirit, our toolkit ranges from pragmatic approaches to the latest machine learning algorithms.
Equally, our Analytics units operate with a central data platform based on highly scalable cloud technologies, leveraging state-of-the-art services and toolkits.

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Shaping the work of tomorrow

Together we establish Analytics within our company by offering individually customized training programs to all our colleagues.

Providing dedicated support adapted to everyone’s background and experience today, participating departments will be able to carry out analyses of their own in the future.

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Kollege Einkauf Fenster
Mitarbeiterinnen in der Zentrale
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Curiosity is part of our DNA

Following the true Lidl spirit, we are not afraid to break new ground and approach new tasks with curiosity. We are keen to think outside the box in order to generate valuable insights as part of our day-to-day work.

Keep it agile

Our work requires us to quickly react to evolving stakeholder needs, changing project requirements as well as technical progress. That is why we act agile in our thinking and doing.

30 countries – One Analytics Team !

We rely on communication and teamwork as the drivers of success. Promoting collaborations across departments and countries, we can mutually benefit from each other's skills and generate high-quality solutions.

Interdisciplinary, multifaceted, diverse!

Acknowledging diverse backgrounds and experience levels as a chance to excel, every colleague makes a difference for us. We act as a team regardless of gender, family background or religion to achieve big things.

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